Ahad, 13 Disember 2009

selling my RebirthRO Account


Top headgear: black checker cap [4]#
[cards: Gemini / leib omal / marduk / vanberk ]

Middle gear: Dark butterfly wings [4]#
[cards: Gemini / wootan shooter/ empty*/ empty*]

Lower gear: Roses [1]#
[cards: empty*]

Armour: Valkrja's Armour +7 [1]
[card: Tao Gunka]#

R-Weapon: Angra Manyu [4]#
[cards: abysmal knight /baphomet /phreeoni / Incarnation Samurai]

L-Weapon: Valkrja's Shield +7 [1]
[card: Orc hero]

Shoes: Valkrja's boots +7 [1]
[card: Cat O' Nine Tails]

Muffler: Valkrja's Manteau +7 [1]
[card: Giant whisper]

L&R Accessary: RoR & RoFL Rings set#

Characters: Assasin Cross lvl255 / Paladin lvl255 / Sniper lvl255 / Lord Knight lvl255 / Champion lvl255 / Rouge lvl255.

Guild: Nocturno Belial [Guild Leader] feamous guild in RebirthRO.

*Got alot of good equipments / cards / meterials & etc inside my storage.
*Zeny 400M++
*The "#" symbol mark is a donation items. Which mean 5 donations have been made in this account, wings & cap : 40euro. Roses & angra manyu : 20euro. Tao Gunka card & both accessory : 20euro. total donations: 80euro> RM396.
*i got 6 max level characters, it would take you like 1week to leveling it for 24hours duration if you using the donation equipments tho. May take several months to complete your level without donations lol. 6 max level will be rm20 each. total: RM120.
*Zeny 400M = 50m>1euro>rm8. total: RM64.
*Valkrie's equipments set is abit expensive. +7 for 10% forging rates is insane, simillar like a real ragnarok server = rm150.

i would like to sell it seperately/full id. Offer me your price if u think u cant afford to paid that much LOL. no noob offer please, serious buyers. pm me in facebook/myspace or in rebirthro.
Only sale it in KL-SELANGOR / FACE TO FACE / CASH.
(i'll update the screenshot / equipments / storage stuff within this month thank you !)

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