Isnin, 1 Jun 2009


You need to think about it first ! Just ignore about it and let em' be ! Do you wanna feel the pain again ! Shes trying to used you, dont get into it ! She wont do that to me, i know her ! She only want your money folk, just forget about her ! Mind your words man, shes not that type of girl ! I will get her back no metter what it'll takes me ! You such an asshole man, wake up lah buddie ! I still in love in her, i really do ! Shes the only girl who pawn my heart, i miss her.. Alot of memory, we kiss our heart our loved for two years.. its all my fault, im the one who make our relationship crash like fuck ! im cheat with her, never listen to her, and always lying to her ! I feels like, im the stupido' fuck in this world ! I wont do those stupid thing again.. i promise.. with all my heart.. I'll do what ever it will takes me.. No metter what it is.. My soul my body my life or what ever fuck it is.. I will be there for her forever.. I will love her until end of the internity.. I will take her along with my journey.. I will make her days bright and shines.. I promise..
i love you and i miss you.. Bulan'..

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