Selasa, 7 Julai 2009


It's feels like thousand of B747 and A380 insanely crash onto my burning heart with anger and hatred. Satan and lucifer were dancing and smiling inside my lung that's full with black tar of cigaratte. My brain and my veins has been block by darkness spirits, it's too dark and it's soo cold, TNB taknak supplied electricity lagi. My body and my carbon fibre bones has been eaten up slowly by mr siput sedut and mrs anai-anai with they innocent faces. My soul were walking with painful and uncontrolled sindrom on his face, he just broke his wings though. Seems like gagak and little magget helped mr siput sedut and mrs anai-anai cleared my entire body. Finally some random 90years old makcik with his boyfriend saw me with her unacceptable faces, yelling "oh my god nyah, dead body ! euwww.. euwww.." . Both of them were shock. Then suddently something terrobble happen to makcik, shes got heart attack and straight away dead on the same spot. Her boyfriend cant controlled his self anymore, he started to shout and cry badly, said "Tidakk ! dinda you tak sign wasiat lagi ! warghh.." he lost his mind. He started to commit suicide his life in that day too. He took a garfu, stoled from mamak pelita and then he chock that thing on top of his head several time until he's dead. Now three of us was dead. Gagak, magget, mr siput sedut and anai-anai looks very happy on that day. They sms'ing and calling they family and friend to join them. Lately one mat rempit stop and saw us with serious looking face. He parked his ugly bike, and watch us very carefully. Then suddently he's smile, he reach out his handphone and call someone using his 3310. "Oi mat aku rasa cacing hari ni takyah beli lah, dah ada bekalan umpan dah ni. sampai esuk ler jawabnye kite mengail ekekekek !". He pick up all the magget on our body and put it into the plastic bag, plus the siput sedut as for dinner. Gagak and mrs anai-anai was very upset and very angry about that because all of thier friend has been kidnapped by that mat rempit. They were pissed of and started for a revenge. Gagak recuiting all his friend from luckly garden and planing to attack that mat rempit. While mrs anai-anai praying, hoping that victorious and glory will be side of them. Gagak were ready to fight, they fly high together with pride and madness then suddently. BANGG!! BANGG!! "Hah cun 14eko mati, tembak nyah ! tembak !" shout mr DBKL. Gagak cancelled their revenge, "Retreat ! Retreat ! *arkk* arkk*" then BANGG !! again. All of them died without voices anymore. Mrs. anai-anai was so sad and started to blame all of the anai-anai crew because some of them are not praying and supporting gagak. They had a very big fight until no single anai-anai was alived. And mat rempit tadi has been eaten up by dinasour while fishing. While his partner has death 2weeks later because kena H1N1. Thank you :).

Story line nak katakan semua mati dalam cerita ni. Gunakan karangan aku ni semasa membuat ujian, tak dapat A1 bg tahu aku. Thanks sebab baca karangan aku yang hebat ini, sila berikan comment sebagai penghargaan xD.

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